Ello! Im Kiley a 16 year old girl that likes a lot of different stuff. Some of those awesome things are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Fan art, art, Manga, Anime, Yaoi, and some other stuff. Im random and like to do things my way if you dont like what i share, like, favorite, ect. then you are free to leave at any moment!
I'm short (about 5 to 5 foot 1) so dont dis small people please (after all we will take over the world one day >:D)
thanks, hope we can get along <3






“Y’see, the first time my Dad kissed my Mom was at a Love Handel concert, and it’s their anniversary -“


“B to the O-R-I-N-G.”


“Not yet Ferb.”

i love how he doesn’t say ”no, ferb.”

he says ”not yet.”

as in they were planning to bludgeon him with a mace

Ferb I know what were gonna do today

the more I look at the last one the harder I laugh